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When the Crypto winter fell on the world, many species were forced to evolve to survive, many changed their colors, others simply exchanged coffee for tea, some decided to move to other worlds within the blockchain.

A select group decided to stay and surf the wave, in order to live new adventures, with an eye to the horizon, they created the HOHO CLUB, a select club where the deepest secrets are revealed and where secret conspiracies are the order of the day for the HOHO Birds.

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The Plan

Reveal the secrets behind the crypto winter.

Create a tight-knit, collaborative community.

The HoHo Birds live on Polygon, but some within the club claim to have met other HoHo's from other blockchains, who knows what the future holds.

The first HoHo Birds will be mint-free.

HoHo's change color when they eat candy.

Let's have some fun.

The Team






How can I buy a NFT?

You can buy a HoHo Birds at Rarible or Opensea.

How many NFT are available?

The collection is limited to 3600. You can verify ownership of your NFT and others on the Polygon blockchain.

What are the future plans?

We are working to offer multiple innovations and achievements, of which will be delivered month by month that you can see on our Discord.

How can I join the community?

We have a very active community and welcome new members with open arms! Join us on Discord.